Why Not Other Valuables?

April 28, 2012

In the myriad activities I am involved in I’ve had several people talk to me about the “valuables” they collect. Some are doomsday preppers! Other think that item will soon go up in value. Let me hit a few of these and explain their thinking and my $.02 on the matter over the next few days:

1. Diamonds

While diamonds are a girls best friend, they may no be an investors best friend! Diamonds are very valuable right now. However, all diamonds are NOT created equal. A huge diamond on a wedding ring can be worth $20,000 or it may be only worth $2,000. Anyone who has any experience in diamonds know about the 4 C’s! – color, cut, clarity, and carat. A small diamond with perfect C’s can be worth far more than a diamond twice its size. If you aren’t a jeweler you’d have very little chance telling the difference between a real diamond and a fake diamond, let alone one worth $500 or $5,000 based on the 4 C’s. Diamonds have also never been valued as money. While they are valuable as a collectable and as a luxury to suburban, soccer moms, when push comes to shove, diamonds will never be valued as money and while they may be able to maintain their value, they will definitely not MAKE you money. Also, diamonds value in worth by location! This is too risky for me!



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