The Exit Strategy

April 30, 2012

Yesterday, I received a great question regarding how/when to sell or as it’s being called “the exit strategy.”

Remember back in the spring of ’06 when the housing market was in a craze. People who were tens of thousands of dollars in debt began “finding” money to “buy” houses. It didn’t matter if you used Watson, For Sale Buy Owner, or Craigslist, if you listed your house for sale, someone would soon buy it and pay a premium on it! Then, in a few months by the end of ’06 you couldn’t sell your house to save your life. There were 100’s of houses for sale within miles of each other. The law of supply and demand worked against the seller and for the buyer.

Now, with this “bull market” of gold and silver I think we’ll see a lot of the same trends. People will begin to rush the market. There is no reason to be scared as in by this time our investments will have not just double or tripled, but realistically you could be sitting on 10x’s the money you originally invested (yes, even if you invest today with silver being $32 an ounce). With that said, my exit strategy will go in 4-6 waves. When things start turning straight up I will probably sell 1/6 of the silver I have. More than likely I’ll probably sell, to buy something specific. Sell some silver, buy a house. Sell some silver, buy a car. Etc..

There is no monetary value which is my “mark to sell.” I just think when the time is right, we’ll all know. Stores will no longer have signs that say, “WE BUY GOLD NOW!” They’ll read, “We sell gold! Protect yourself!” And when those signs are everywhere and silver and gold are experiencing shortages because of the demand, that my friend, is when it is time to sell, sell, sell!


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