Inflation Explained

May 2, 2012

Inflation is not merely prices going up, but rather the value of the dollar going down. And even more than that your wealth depleting.

Imagine there was only $10,000 in America, and you owned $1,000 of them. You would own 10% of America’s money! Yay you! Now, let’s say America decides to print another $90,000, and doesn’t give you any of it. You still own $10,000 (yay you!) but now there is $100,000 out there and you now only own 1%. You just lost 9% of your wealth while not spending a penny.

Our current system has punished those who have saved and have now created a generation of debtors.

Get a financial education, get smart, protect your wealth and don’t be fooled into buying foolish things, or into saving your currency and allowing America’s inflation devalue your wealth to nothing.


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