Cash Is Trash

May 7, 2012

There will come a day when your currency will either not be accepted as money, or it will be so worthless it’ll make you want to cry.

When I first started driving gas was $1.30 a gallon, I feel pretty stupid paying $3.70 a gallon right now; I couldn’t imagine having paid $.30 a gallon like our parents and grandparents did at one time! The sad fact is that this trend will continue. One day you might wake up in 10 years and pay $10.00 a gallon. REGARDLESS of who wins the 2012 election. Or you may wake up and realize the currency you once used is no longer being used!

I don’t mean to sound demeaning, but as I tell my class – “Boys and girls, we are about to experience a huge change, and this will be a great time for you to create an empire of wealth for your family, or to continue the path of middle-class or even worse have your wealth transferred and you may be moved to lower-middle-class. The choice is yours.”

Now is a great time to buy!