For most people Warren Buffet is a household name. He is very flamboyant and loud when it comes to anything financial. He is an open “hater” of precious metals and encourages people to stay in the stock market.

Now, Mr. Buffet by his own admission says that by 2017 the US dollar will be worth less (worthless). He believes his stocks will hold strong in the midst of the chaos, however, he said if he could convert all his stocks into rental properties; he would!

I respect Mr Buffet, but I’m going to have to heed his advice, and realize the dollar will soon crash, which could result in a stock market crash, which may have me wanting to leave the country and precious metals is the best investment to allow me to do that.


This current investing cycle is not for the faint of heart. The precious metals will frequently dip almost just to scare people out. I have put all my eggs in one basket, I’ve bet the farm and then some. This is the biggest investment opportunity of a lifetime. Your money has the chance to grow and create for your family a dynasty of wealth. A simple $20,000 an investment may yield you the opportunity to retire early, a $5,000 investment now may yield your dream car. Don’t grow faint, fellow investors. Stay strong and you will be rewarded in due time for your patience.